What is the P2P Lending Fund?

The P2P Lending Fund (“the Fund”) is an innovative Fintech Fund investing in the thriving asset class of marketplace consumer lending (formerly known as peer-to-peer).

The Fund seeks to build a risk-adjusted, diversified portfolio of consumer loans granted to prime US borrowers, segmented by maturities and risk profiles, with low volatility, low duration and a low correlation to other asset classes.

The Fund is denominated in USD and offers share classes in USD, EUR (hedged) and CHF (hedged).

The Fund acquires selected personal loans originated by the leading marketplace lenders, which today have a lion market share of the personal loan market in the US. This is called the primary market, where loans are all newly originated and performing loans. The Fund is also active in the secondary market where existing pools of seasoned loans can be acquired at attractive prices.

The Fund focuses on personal loans amortizing monthly granted to prime US borrowers with high credit worthiness (high FICO scores), in order to reduce credit risk, duration and volatility, thus ensuring constant attractive returns. For more information about FICO score, please click here.

The fund acquires outright whole loans thus, it is not exposed to the marketplace lender’s balance sheet risk.

All the loans’ economics are therefore passed directly to the fund without any intermediary packaging, ABS tranching or derivative product.

Furthermore, the P2P Lending Fund does not use any leverage. Portfolio’s concentration risk is at a minimum given that each loan represents on average 0.05% of the Fund’s NAV.



Tel: +44 (0) 20 3205 7143
Email: info@p2plending.fund