About Millennia

Millennia SICAV S.C.A. is a Luxembourg based fund-umbrella company governed by the EU AIFM doctrine (AIFM law of 12/07/2003) and the RAIF regime (RAIF Law of 23/07/2016).

Investment advice are provided by the Fund’s General Partner Millennia S.à.r.l., leveraging from their principal’s extensive experience in investment management, banking and direct lending operations.

The first strategy of Millennia SICAV S.C.A. is its sub-fund P2P Lending Fund, which was launched in November 2018, and is externally managed by Adepa Asset Management S.A., a Luxembourg based full-scope AIFM (fund management company) with over EUR 4 billion under management.


Tel: +352 20 33 19 06
Email: info@p2plending.fund