Principals & Board of Directors

Principals and Directors of the Board of Millennia S.à.r.l., the Luxembourg based General Partner of the Millennia SICAV-RAIF, are:


Christian M. Gut
Director & Head of Investments

Christian has extensive experience in the online lending sector, including a period in which he was responsible for underwriting, credit score modeling at a Danish online consumer lender, as well as responsible for overseeing the debt collection framework.
In addition, Christian has over 14 years experience in investment management as co-founder of the Stellar Energy Fund in Singapore and co-founder of the P2P Lending Fund in Luxembourg.
Christian is also servicing as Independent Director and Member of the Board of Scorpio Bulkers Inc. (NYSE: SALT) since the IPO in 2013, acting as a member of the Audit Committee (2013-2017), as well as current member of the Compensation, Governance & Nomination Committees.

Elie J. Nada
Director & Head of Research

Elie has more than 20 years experience in various aspects of finance and investments. He advises family offices and asset managers assisting them to find, structure and deploy investment solutions for their clients, including within the private debt space, the online and marketplace lending platforms space.
Before co-founding P2P Lending Fund, Elie founded the Swiss rep office for minority shareholders services on behalf of Deminor, a European leader in that field. He also worked at BNP Paribas in Switzerland, first within the Asset Liabilities Management & Treasury department, then headed the Financial Product & Services Engineering of the International Private Banking department.
Elie holds a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst (CEFA) diploma, a Financial Analyst and Wealth Manager diploma(SSFP) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Major in Finance and Investments (UNIGE).

David Luksenbourg
Independent Director

David has 16 years experience in investment management and board representation. Currently serving as independent director on the board of 5 investment funds based in Luxembourg.
David is also the co-founder of Luxembourg based AIF Management Services S.A., authorized by the CSSF as an alternative investment fund manager within the meaning of Article 1(46) of the AIFM Law, and of Atdomco S.à.r.l., an advisory firm specialized in the set-up and administration of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles in Luxembourg, ranging from local Special Purpose Vehicles to regulated Investment Funds


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